Margaret Holden

“ I believe that good design is an artistic endeavor.  No matter what you are designing for the result should provide a sense of wonderment as well as peace. "

Interior Designer / UI Designer / UX Designer 


Floor Plans

Every interior design begins with planning out your space. Determining how objects are spaced and relate to one another can make a significant difference in creating a comfortable room. With each design I focus on placement, heights, widths, function and keeping as much open space as possible so that people can move freely. My floor plans and elevations are created using AutoCAD or Chief Architect depending on what I think is most suitable for a specific design. Floor plans are available by themselves or in combination with design boards and renderings. In some instances just a new room layout may be all you are looking for.

Design Boards

Materials, finishes, furniture, art and accessories all work together to create a unique and inviting space. All the items selected for a specific design are carefully arranged on a board to show their detail as well as reflect the overall essense of a space. Each board traditionally begins with the paint colors in the upper left, followed by materials and furniture, and then art and accessories. Each item is clearly labeled with a name and the website it comes from. An additional Product List with all the information about each item as well as links to the items will also be provided. Design boards are usually created in combination with a floor plan although can be made on their own as inspiration if desired. See my design boards under Portfolio.


Renderings of your interior space are available in combination with your custom design or on their own. When rendering a floor plan along with a design board my images come as close as possible to what the room will look like. In some cases specific furniture pieces or lighting are not always available so substitutions are often used. Specific art, rugs and materials as well as colors can be rendered with a good image. In most cases I provide multiple angles of a room. See my renderings under Portfolio​​​​​​​.

Complete Package

A complete design package includes a Floor Plan and Elevations, Design Board with product list and 3D Interior Renderings. Since each project is unique and the scope of work varies, an estimate based on size of room or combination of rooms will be provided after a visual evaluation of the space. 


I can create Floor Plans, Design Boards or Renderings by themselves. Maybe you are just interested in a new furniture layout or want a design board for paint and items for a nursery. Just inquire with the specifics of what you are interested in and I will happy to get back to you with a quote.

What's Needed to Get Started

Floor Outline and Dimensions

Draw a basic outline of your room leaving enough space to put in the dimensions. Mark where windows and doors are located within the walls. With a measuring tape pick a wall to begin and measure from corner to first window, door, any obstruction or other corner. Mark this dimension on your drawing. From that point measure the next distance whether its a window opening or door, fireplace or just another wall. Always measure to the opening itself, not the molding. Make a note of how wide the molding is separately. Also make note of the height of the ceilings.


Photographing effectively helps me get a feel for the space, lighting, and other features that may not be obvious from a floor plan. When photographing a room or rooms it is important to get the widest view possible unless you are specifically showing detail of something such as molding or tile. It is also beneficial to include part of the ceiling and floor in the photo so I can see current lighting and flooring.


Pricing varies depending on the scope of work. If you interested in a quote for a specific project you can email me the details of what you are looking for below.

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